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Access control installation, service & maintenance


Access control is a way of letting you manage who is permitted to enter your building or property – an electronic access control system will let only authorised people, with the correct credentials, in to your premises.

All those people that are allowed access to your building can be given a fob, card, code or, with a biometric system, have their fingerprint scanned, to allow them entry. While keys and locks can also do this, they can be lost, stolen or copied, meaning the security of your premises can be compromised. If your property is secured by an electronic access control system and a fob or card is lost, stolen or no longer required, they can easily be deleted or suspended from the system, so your premises remain secure.

The access control systems we supply, and install can be connected to electronic lock releases or magnetic locks keeping your door or gate secure; we can link your system to your existing sliding or revolving doors, barriers, gates and roller shutters.

STANDALONE – this is a system ideal for internal or low security doors or gates. Once issued to the end users, the fobs or cards for these systems can be managed using ‘shadow’ cards that suspend the user’s access if presented to a reader. Standalone systems are an ideal, cost-effective solution for small businesses, residential apartment blocks or independent retail units.

PC BASED – should you require a system where you have more control over the users, and the ability to interrogate reports relating to site activity, then a PC based system is the right option. Readers connected to controllers all linked back to a central software database can control access to multiple entrances – 1,000’s of doors and 1,000’s of users can be managed. PC based systems are ideal for companies with larger premises or workforce; schools or educational buildings; multi-occupancy office complexes; or medium to large retail outlets.

IM Security are proud to be registered installers of Paxton access control systems, please take a look at their website for details of their product range and case studies as to their application –

As well as new installations we can service any existing access control system, or offer you a maintenance contract for your property to give you peace of mind that your system is working properly and protecting your staff and property. 

Contact us today to discuss your requirements – whether you are looking for access control installation; adding to your existing premises security; concerned that your existing access control system is not working to it’s full potential; or if you have a fault – please get in touch.


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